Solitary Beach Stroll


By Tim S

By Aug 31/2022


  1. Comment

    Interesting storyline with the subject on the beach


    The large bright area above the subject catchs the viewer's attention. Try cropping out the top 20% to keep the attention focused on the subject.

  2. Comment

    I like how the subject is framed between the two big rocks. The b&w suits the 'solitary' feeling in this image.


    The background of the photo seems overexposed. I would suggest to tone down the highlight and increase the shadows.


    The photo was taken in the morning.  The background is not overexposed. It appears overexposed because of beach fog and is part of the photo.  Could not be avoided.

  3. Comment

    I like the framing of the rocks.  Using black and white really brings out the texture of them

  4. Comment

    Wonderful image of natural light.  Great frame and my eyes are drawn to the person in the middle of the rocks.  Beautiful that it is in black and white.

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    The sense of depth in this photo is excellent.

  6. Comment

    This is a unique take on the theme, illustrating the use of that soft, misty light.  Lovely textures, a clinic on using the full tonal range, and a nice intimate composition.