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    Open - no specific topic.  Any image you may have taken within the last two months.

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    SignsSubmissions due Oct 31, 2020

    There are signs everywhere.  They guide and inform us but can tend to blur into the background at times.  Go out and look for interesting unique signs or signs that you find humorous or just plain confusing.  All in an artful way of course!

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    New Theme OpensOpens Nov 1, 2020
    Details announced when theme opens
  4. Meeting

    Have you ever wondered what a judge considers when they evaluate a photograph in a competition? This is your chance to find out, and put yourself in the judge's seat as we learn about critiquing photographs, and have a little practice at it!

    This meeting will be held on Zoom, meeting link and log in information will be sent out prior to the meeting.


    • Welcome and Announcements - Nancy (President)

    • Overview of Judging Criteria - Glenn Marcus

      Glenn will share the basics of judging criteria, then we will get a chance to practice judging images submitted by members. This is a good chance to get feedback on images you may be considering for submission into competitions, or simply to help you grow as a photographer.

    In Preparation:

    • For: Overview of Judging Criteria - Glenn Marcus

      Please consider uploading images to the attached dropbox for Glenn and the club to use to practice judging images.

      Peter and Deanna (Competitions) have wisely recommended you share images that you may be considering submitting to the upcoming Northshore challenge, but any image will help us practice our judging skills.

      Note: Upload submissions to the dropbox by Sat, Oct 31, 2020 - 11:59PM

    Meeting Location:

    Nov 3, 2020 at 7:30 PM
    Zoom Meeting - TBA
  5. Outing

    University campuses are normally swarming with students going from class to class, researchers heading off to labs and libraries, and support staff keeping the whole academic community going. Not these days! The main campus of the University of British Columbia (UBC) has been exceedingly quiet due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    This photographic Outing is an opportunity to walk the Main Mall, a pedestrian boulevard, with very few people. The main campus is over 100 years old at Point Grey and beautiful trees with fall colours line the boulevards. In several locations there are examples of public art, historical plaques and architectural designs. One of the newest is the “Reconciliation Totem Pole” marking the complex history of pre-residential schools, the impact of the residential school system on First Nations and the post-residential reconciliation of cultures.

    The Main Mall is the heart of the UBC campus, stretching from Thunderbird Crescent, northward past the Libraries, to Flag Pole Plaza and the Rose Garden.

    As a side option, the BEATY BIODIVERSITY MUSEUM is currently open for visitors on a limited basis. This is a teaching and research museum, with several million specimens. The museum does have interpretive displays of various taxonomic categories, both creatures living today and the vast diversity of life forms of the past. Upon entering the Atrium, you go beneath the bones of a 25 metres long great blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus).

    One of the current exhibits at the BEATY is “ReCollections”, a photography display of creative works by past and present staff, students, researchers and volunteers of the Museum and of the Biodiversity Research Centre.




    Date: Saturday November 7, 2020

    Time: 10:00 am

    For those travelling by car, there is a public parkade at the corner of Westbrook Dr. and Thunderbird Blvd. Proceed on foot west along Thunderbird Blvd. to the intersection with Main Mall and look for the tall Reconciliation Pole. Those travelling by public transit will see that many different bus loops drop off at the UBC Transit Exchange. Proceed on foot west to the Main Mall, then south to our meeting place at Reconciliation Pole.

    There is a Tim Horton’s near the starting point and access to a building with washrooms. Not all buildings on campus are currently open to the public. There are also public washrooms in the Student Union Building and other locations mid-campus.

    For those choosing to enter the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, there is a $14 per adult entry fee and masks are required. Museum visitor numbers are now limited, thus the Museum is an optional side visit. Advanced, timed tickets are available online. Walk-in visitors will be accepted, but may be asked to wait if the museum is at capacity. The Museum staff encourage visitors to book an admission ticket with a specific entry time.

    For inside the Museum, I would recommend raising your ISO setting, because it is relatively dark, and consider trying a close-up macro lens for some of the interesting smaller specimens in glass cases.


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    Recent WorkSubmissions due Nov 14, 2020

    Open - no specific topic.  Any image you may have taken within the last two months.

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    New Theme OpensOpens Nov 15, 2020
    Details announced when theme opens
  8. Meeting

    Stay tuned, details to follow...

    In the meantime, start creating some "seasonal images"!

    Meeting Location:

    Nov 17, 2020 at 7:30 PM
    Zoom Meeting - TBA
  9. Meeting

    More than ever now – Stories Matter.




    • Welcome and Announcements - Nancy

    • Storytelling and the World Around Us - Guest Presentation
      (Spencer Wynn)

      Whether you are a seasoned observer of life or looking forward to a life-long journey, there is one thing that binds us all – connecting with our immediate environment and those with whom we come in contact. Stories are everywhere, they are sometimes small and quiet, sometimes large and significant.

      Spencer Wynn has spent over 30 years creating stories and curating those of others through an editorial career in magazines and newspapers as well as extensive travel from Greenland to China and into the Mesopotamian lands of south east Turkey.

      Storytelling is a skill that can be learned at any age and anywhere. Through his online presentation to the Westminster Camera Club, Spencer will share storytelling images, speak about how develop a visual storytelling language and how to present a story that can amuse, influence and move us.

      More than ever now – Stories Matter.

      About Spencer Wynn

      An internationally recognized visual journalist, Spencer Wynn is know for his sensitive eye to cultural, travel and landscape imagery as well as his deeply intimate human interest visual narratives.

      Wynn is restless observer of the world around him, seeing stories everywhere. It is this curiosity and observation that makes him a sought-after photographer, speaker and educator. Each week, Wynn encourages his college students to open their eyes and hearts to experience the world around them while creating compelling documentaries with sensitivity and passion.

      From the High Arctic, Tibet, China, Greenland, India, Europe and numerous road trips around North America. Wynn has lived in caves, slums, on ice flows and in First Nations communities photographing the stories of diverse cultures, tragedy, triumph and love.

      Spencer loves to share his knowledge and skills as a photographer with those attending his lectures, workshops and photo walks. Patient and understanding, he encourages those with whom he meets to strive for their personal visual potential, all the while having fun and enjoying the process.


    Meeting Location:

    Dec 1, 2020 at 7:30 PM
    Zoom Meeting - TBA
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    New Theme OpensOpens Dec 1, 2020
    Details announced when theme opens
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    New Theme OpensOpens Dec 15, 2020
    Details announced when theme opens
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    New Theme OpensOpens Jan 1, 2021
    Details announced when theme opens
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    New Theme OpensOpens Jan 15, 2021
    Details announced when theme opens
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    New Theme OpensOpens Feb 1, 2021
    Details announced when theme opens
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    New Theme OpensOpens Feb 15, 2021
    Details announced when theme opens
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    New Theme OpensOpens Mar 1, 2021
    Details announced when theme opens
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    New Theme OpensOpens Mar 15, 2021
    Details announced when theme opens
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    New Theme OpensOpens Apr 1, 2021
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