Upcoming Club Activities

  1. Competition

    Competition date: Apr 27, 2019

    The 2019 Crescent Beach Photography Club Invitational Black and White Print Competition takes place on Saturday, April 27th. Printing is part of the photography experience.  This competition is an excellent way to participate in the full spectrum - the vision, the creation of the digital photogrqph in camera, the post production to finalize the digital file, and the printing.



    1. Prints must be true black and white.  When having your work printed, specifically state:  true black and white.
    2. The only limitation is that your photograph must never have won or placed in a previous competition.
    3. Subject matter is open.  Explicitly sexual images will not be acepted.
    4. Any type of paper is okay, as well as formats such as polytchs, circular or octagonal shapes.
    5. The print must be matted with single white or black material.
    6. The print and mat is mounted on a single ply 16x20" board. Attach the mat to the board firmly. They are handled quite a lot.
    7. Maximum size is 16x20", minimum size is 8x10".
    8. No scripts or markings on the photo.


    On the back of the mat, include the following information in the upper right hand corner:

    Title of Print
    Name of Photographer
    NW Photography Club
    c/o #6, 216 Ninth Street
    New Westminster, BC  V3M 3V3

    If you provide the information, we will copy and place it on a label for you. 

    Members can upload submission(s) to our dropbox up to the deadline of 11:00 pm Saturday March 23.  Don't wait till the end. If your digital file is not uploaded by the cut-off your submission will not be acccepted. I repeat. Do not risk waiting until the last few hours. Something always goes wrong!

    The digital file can have a  maximum dimension of 1400 wide by 1050 high pixels.  Take note. This is a different size than we use for our club submissions.

    You may upload and print up to three images.

    Bring the printed photo, matted on 16x20, single mat board, with a protective cello cover, to the Club meeting on Tuesday March 26. If you know you will not be attending the meeting on Tuesday the 26th of March send me an email to arrange to drop it off before the 26th.


  2. Outing

    Let's check out the new cars and accessories for 2019.

    Taking pictures of all the chrome and shine under bright lights can be challenging so this will be a great opportunity to try some techniques like closeups, reflections, low shots, symmetry, etc. 


    Let's assemble at the welcome centre information booth (looks like a giant Canada flag) outside the east side of the convention centre at 0900am. This will give you some time to take some shots around the area before we go inside when the show opens at 10am. 

    Anyone not coming down early to walk the waterfront, we can assemble at the Thurlow (west side) entrance to the convention centre at 950am. This entrance is across from the Cactus Club restaurant and next to the olympic cauldron. 



    Located at 1055 Canada Place. 


    Transit Users: Board a "Westbound to Waterfront" train by no later than 0830. Exit the train at the end of the line and use the Howe Street exit. Exit the station and keep to the left and meet at the welcome centre info booth. 

    Admission Prices:

    Adults $20.00     

    Seniors $14.00

    Are you a BCAA member? Purchase your tickets online and use your membership # to give you a discount on your admission tickets.  Discount not available at the door. 



  3. Meeting

    Bring your camera and a tripod (if you have one) and come prepared to shoot some cool and abstract nighttime images using light in creative ways!


    • Light Painting - Hands on Workshop

      Club member Eric Massarelli will lead us through a hands on evening of creativity with a variety of light sources and techniques. 

      Bring your camera, a tripod, and light sources (flashlights, Christmas lights, any other lights you think might be interesting. 

      Dress for the weather, as we will be heading outside to the area near the band shelter (just across the street from the meeting space) to experiment with light.


    Meeting Location:

    Mar 26, 2019 at 7:30 PM
    Centennial Lodge in Queens Park
    New Westminster
    Enter from McBride or 1st St at 3rd Ave
    (Google Maps, New Westminster Queen's Park Map)
  4. Competition
    Fraser Valley Invitational (External)Submissions due: Mar 30, 2019

    Competition date: May 4, 2019

    The 2019 Fraser Valley Invitational will be held on Saturday, May 4, 2019 at 7:00 pm

    Clayton Heights Secondary School
    7003 188 Street
    Surrey, BC

    The theme for this year's competition is CIRCLES - the world itself is a circle. They naturally occur in nature. Man-made objects are full of them. Your challenge is to look, find, and create an image that represents your visition of the theme.




    This is a  digital competition.  Each club may enter a minimum of 4 up to a maximum of 10 images. Only one entry per member is allowed. If you belond to more than one photography club, then you can only  participate in one club entry. Failure to comply will result in all of the individual’s images being disqualified. Images may be in colour, monochromatic, or a combination of both.

    Images must reflect the theme “Circles”. Images not on theme will be disqualified.

    Images that were entered in a previous FVI will not be accepted.

    Images may be created with composites. However, the final image must be comprised of photograph(s) created by the image maker. Post processing enhancements are encouraged as long as the integrity of the photograph(s) remain present and originated with the photographer.

    All images will be reviewed for compliance when received.


    • Images must be JPEG format    
    • sized with a  maximum height of 1050 vertical and a maximum width of 1400 horiztonal pixels
    • Square format images must be 1050 X 1050 pixels. 
    • All images must be in sRGB colour space
    • Titles of images  of 5 words or less
    • The file name is with the TITLE followed by your name
    • use a space is to be inserted between each word in the title
    • use a hyphen  with a space on each side  between the title and your namemaker’s name

     Example: LCC Pretty Picture – John Doe.jpeg


    • Submit images via our DropBox no later than 11:00 pm Saturday March 30


  5. Theme
    Mona LisaSubmissions due Mar 31, 2019

    As Nat King Cole sings, “Are you warm, are you real, Mona Lisa?
    Or just a cold and lonely lovely work of art?”

    This one is about portraiture and all we’ve learned from Eric Stewart, his presentation can be found in our presentations archive under "Guest Speaker Presentations" (members must be logged into their accounts to access some of these materials).

    Ask the big picture questions: What...Who...Why...Who....Where, When and How?

    Space, Lighting and Model to set the Mood and Tone. Experiment and explore and tell us what you see in an image. 

  6. Theme
    New Theme OpensOpens Apr 1, 2019
    Details announced when theme opens
  7. Meeting

    Photographer Jason Kazuta will come and talk to us about wildlife photography, just in time for spring. Come, be inspired and learn some tips and tricks to improve your images of wildlife and birds.


    • (Jason Kazuta)
      About Jason Kazuta

      "The start of my interest in wildlife photography started in 1995, when I went to Banff with family and encountered the Elk, Golden Mantle Ground Squirrel, Chipmunks, and bears...I was hooked!  By then, I had a decent SLR in the Minolta 7xi and a few lenses. My interest was mostly a casual one until I bought my first DSLR, a Minolta 7D in 2005 and my first true telephoto lens. This enabled me to photograph what became my passion: Bald Eagles and other birds of prey. In addition to birds of prey, my other passion is bears. I have completed the CAPA Judging Course, and have been a judge in numerous photography competitions.  In addition to judging, I have given talks on my wildlife photography to many of the local camera/photography clubs and other events, most recently in Kitimat, BC for the Northwest Photofest in August last year." Jason Kazuta

    Meeting Location:

    Apr 2, 2019 at 7:30 PM
    Centennial Lodge in Queens Park
    New Westminster
    Enter from McBride or 1st St at 3rd Ave
    (Google Maps, New Westminster Queen's Park Map)
  8. Meeting

    Francois will bring us a packed presenation on B&W photography including B&W compositional elements, best B&W subjects, as well as some basic technical tips for making great images!


    • (Francois Cleroux)
      About Francois Cleroux

      Bio to follow


    Meeting Location:

    Apr 23, 2019 at 7:30 PM
    Centennial Lodge in Queens Park
    New Westminster
    Enter from McBride or 1st St at 3rd Ave
    (Google Maps, New Westminster Queen's Park Map)
  9. Theme
    New Theme OpensOpens May 1, 2019
    Details announced when theme opens
  10. Meeting

    NWPC Annual General Meeting


    After the AGM business is wrapped up, Michal Fedeles will lead a member sharing session where members share some of their images from the 21 Day Awaken Challenge.  They will share their images, talk about their creative process and some of the technical approaches to the images.

    Meeting Location:

    May 7, 2019 at 7:30 PM
    Centennial Lodge in Queens Park
    New Westminster
    Enter from McBride or 1st St at 3rd Ave
    (Google Maps, New Westminster Queen's Park Map)
  11. Meeting

    Capturing photos of fast-moving dancers in low and shifting light conditions is a big challenge, but one that can lead to magical results. Chris Wong will walk us through the fundamentals of taking sharp and engaging photos of live dance performances.


    • (Chris Wong)
      About Chris Wong

      Chris is a photographer who has photographed many performances by Ballet BC and Arts Umbrella Dance Company, and captured images of kids’ dance classes for Chance to Dance Education. Chris is also a communications and marketing consultant who works as a writer, editor, website specialist, and photographer for organizations in healthcare and other sectors. He was inspired to take up dance photography by his daughter, who is beginning her career as a contemporary dancer and choreographer.


    Meeting Location:

    May 28, 2019 at 7:30 PM
    Centennial Lodge in Queens Park
    New Westminster
    Enter from McBride or 1st St at 3rd Ave
    (Google Maps, New Westminster Queen's Park Map)
  12. Meeting

    A great way to wind up the club year; guests are always welcome!

    Monthly Outings and online Themes contnue throughout the summer.  Next NWPC meeting: Tues, September 3, 2019 at 7:30 pm.


    Meeting Location:

    Jun 4, 2019 at 7:30 PM
    Centennial Lodge in Queens Park
    New Westminster
    Enter from McBride or 1st St at 3rd Ave
    (Google Maps, New Westminster Queen's Park Map)

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