Upcoming Club Activities

  1. Meeting

    The digital photography competition, 2020 North Shore Photographic Challenge, takes place at the beginning of March. Our club has a long history of submitting images to this competition. This year we are making a change to the image selection process to enhance member participation.

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    • Image Review and Discussion

      For the 2020 North Shore Photographic Challenge, rather than having open submissions and a committee selecting six (6) images from six (6) different photographers, we are going to have a preview and discussion of images that members are considering for submission.

      The images will be shown at the January 21st meeting. There will be a moderated discussion on the strengths of the images. It is hoped through this discussion that members will gather an appreication for what others saw as strong images. It will be safe. The discussion will be moderated and will focus on the strengths of the images.

      The final submissions will be judged by all members through an on-line selection process.


    In Preparation:

    • For: Image Review and Discussion

      1) Visit the web site: Activities>Competitions page- for information on the sizing of images.

      2) Upload up to three (3) images you are considering to submitt to the North Shore Challenge. The Dropbox link will be active untill Saturday, January 18th at 11:00pm.


      3) Don't leave it to the last minute as we all know, if something is going to go wrong, it will!

    Meeting Location:

    Jan 21, 2020 at 7:30 PM
    Centennial Lodge in Queens Park
    New Westminster
    Enter from McBride or 1st St at 3rd Ave
    (Google Maps, New Westminster Queen's Park Map)
  2. Outing

    Happy New Year all,

    I thought we would start off 2020 with a morning walk of White Rock and the pier to get some nice sunrise shots or long exposures. 


    White Rock is named for a distinctive large white boulder on its beach near the promenade, a glacial erratic that migrated south during the last glaciation. The 486-ton granite boulder was kept white by shellfish-eating seabirds whose guano covered the rock, so much so that 19th-century sailors used it as a beacon. However, it is now kept white through monthly applications of white paint by the city parks department, and has been a popular graffiti target for over thirty years.


    Let's meet at the White Rock pier by no later than 815 to accomodate anyone coming by transit.    Once we are all together, we can stroll across the re-opened pier, try some long exposures, take pics of the "white rock" or walk Marine Drive. 

    If you have not signed up on the sheet at the meetings, please email outings@nwphoto.org so we know that you will be attending and we do not miss you at the meeting spot.

    If you plan to do any long exposures, don't forget your tripod.  It will be cold. Please dress accordingly and wear proper footwear.

    Pay parking by meter is in all of the lots in White Rock.  Please be aware that some of the parking machines don't take coins.

    Transit Users: Board an "Eastbound to King George" train which leaves at 7:02 and get off at Surrey Central Station. Transfer to the "321 White Rock South" bus (Bay #9). This bus leaves at 7:15am.  Get off at White Rock Centre (Bay #10). Remain at this stop and board the "362 Seaside" bus. This bus leaves at 8:01am.  Get off at Marine Drive & Martin which should be the terminus. You will be getting off the bus at 810 and it is a short walk to the pier.  

  3. Theme
    Textures/PatternsSubmissions due Jan 31, 2020

    Textures can be smooth, rough, and anything else your hand feels when it touches a surface. You can photograph them either from a distance or up close. Depth, good contrast, and patterns are what defines textures.

    Patterns are simply repeated shapes, colours or objects, ordered in either regular or irregular formations.   Patterns are found wherever strong graphic elements repeat themselves, for example, lines, geometric shapes, forms and colors. The repetition doesn’t have to be absolutely precise or uniform - it can be loose and organic.   Patterns in photography draw attention. 

    Photographic techniques to consider:  Macro, Lighting, Repetition, Symmetry.

  4. Competition
    North Shore Challenge 2020 (External)Submissions due: Feb 1, 2020

    Competition date: Mar 7, 2020

    North Shore Photography Challenge
    7:00 pm March 7, 2020
    Kay Meek Centre for the Performing Arts
    West Vancouver, BC. 


    • Advance Tickes $20 -  call the Kay Meek Centre (604-981-6335 - or on-line prior to Mar 7 at the Kay Meek Centre website HTTP://www.kaymeekcentre.com
    • At the door Tickets $22.

    Members can enter a submission to be part of the club entry; and as well can enter a photograph as an individual entry.  

    Selection of Club Entries

    Members can submit up to three (3) images.  We will use on-line voting. Submissions for the Club Entry are uploaded between January 22nd to 11 pm Saturday February 1st using the Drop Box upload link which will be available as of January 22nd.

    Special View & Discuss  

    Here is a great opportunity. Members can submit up to three (3) images that will be viewed and discussed at the January 21st meeting.  The discussion of potential submisssions can provide insight into the full range of photographs being contemplated for submission. Upload your images for the January 21st View & Discuss using the Drop Box link by 11 plm Saturday January 18th.

    The North Shore Challenge

    • Photographers must be permanent residents of British Columbia or the Yukon Territories.
    • This is an open event, no restriction on subject matter.
    • You may not submit an image previously submitted to a North Shore Photographic Challenge.
    • By entering, you agree the North Shore Photography Society may include your photograph in the on-line gallery  and your photograph can be part of advertising for future challenge events.
    • Image must be sized to a maximum of 1400 pixels in width and a maximum height of 1050 pixels.
    • Files must be sized correctly and use the sRGB colour format.
    • Title Files: FirstName_Last_Name-Title (keep the title short)
    • Image file quality is to be high resolution (level 12) and in JPEG (.jpg) file format.
    • No copyright or artist name allowed on the image file. 
    • File Naming:  First Second Name-Name of Image (Frist and Second Name, then a "-" and then Name of the image
    • Keep file Names to a few words - no long sentence titles as they will not fit the final file naming formats.


    Individual Entry

    You may enter a photograph  as an individual photographer. The same photograph can not be entered as a Club Entry and Individual Entry.  

    • One (1) image may be submitted as an Individual Entry
    • The image must be uploaded to the North Shore Photography Web Site anytime after Dec 7 2019 and no  later than Feb 12, 2010
    • When uploading your image,  you will pay the non-refundable $15 entry fee using online PayPal. 
    • There is the option when paying the entry fee to purchase a cost-savings entry fee and admission ticket for $25.
    • The North Shore Photography Society will review and select Individual Entries for inclusion in the presentation.  There is no guarantee an individual's image will be included in the Challenge competition. 
    • Your photograph must be your original work and have not been entered in previous North Shore Challenges.  It cannot be the same as an image being submitted as a Club Entry.
    • As a photographer, you may have a photograph included as a Club Entry and an Individual Entry - just different photographs.
    • There  is no requirement to be a member of CAPA to participate. 


    Instructions on the View & Discuss and Submission for the Club Entry follow.

    Related meeting:

      2020 North Shore Photographic Challenge - Image Previews on Jan 21, 2020

    Note: Member image selection runs:
    Mon, Feb 03, 2020 - 12:00AM to Sat, Feb 08, 2020 - 11:00PM



    1. View & Discuss

    • Upload up to three (3) images for the View & Discuss.
    • Use the Drop Box Link and upload your photo(s) before 11:00 pm Saturday January 18, 2020.
    • Size your image consistent with the North Shore Challenge format: a maximum width of 1400 pixels in width and/or 1050 pixels in height.


    2. Submission for the Club Entry

    • Members can submitt up to three (3) images to be considered for the Club Entry.
    • Image must be sized to a maximum of 1400 pixels in width and a maximum height of 1050 pixels.
    • Submissions are not limited to photographs that were part of the View & Discuss event.
    • Use the Drop Box Upload link that will be availalbe from January 19 to no later than 11 pm Saturdday Feb 1st.
    • Files must be sized correctly and use the sRGB colour format.
    • Title Files: FirstName_Last_Name-Title (keep the title short).


    3. Voting for the Final Submission

    • All members will vote on the images to be advanced to the Competition.
    • A special Gallery will be on the web site for the voting period (Feb 3 to 8th).


    At the conclusion we will submitt the highest ranking images from six different photographers.  Where a photograher has more than one image in the rankins, the photograph with the highest score will be selected.

    The selected images will be noted on our website by February 10th.  An image submitted but not selected can be submitted as an indivdiual entry.  See the section on Individual Entry.


  5. Theme
    New Theme OpensOpens Feb 1, 2020
    Details announced when theme opens
  6. Meeting

    Tonight we welcome John Roberts, Manager of the Kerrisdale Cameras store at Coquitlam Centre Mall. John will give a presentation on the topic of black & white photography.


    In Preparation:

    • For:

      Details for submitting images is located in the "Competitions" section under the "Photos" tab.

    Meeting Location:

    Feb 4, 2020 at 7:30 PM
    Centennial Lodge in Queens Park
    New Westminster
    Enter from McBride or 1st St at 3rd Ave
    (Google Maps, New Westminster Queen's Park Map)
  7. Meeting

    Tonight we welcome Len Grinke. Len is a North Vancouver based photographer with over 35 years of experience in photographing people. He will conduct a live presentation on portrait lighting techniques.



    Meeting Location:

    Feb 18, 2020 at 7:30 PM
    Centennial Lodge in Queens Park
    New Westminster
    Enter from McBride or 1st St at 3rd Ave
    (Google Maps, New Westminster Queen's Park Map)
  8. Theme
    New Theme OpensOpens Mar 1, 2020
    Details announced when theme opens
  9. Competition

    Competition date: Apr 18, 2020


    2020 Invitational Black and White Print Challenge
    Saturday April 18, 2020
    Doors Open 6:00 PM | Presentation & Judging 6:30 pm
    2020 at St. Mark’s Church Hall, 12953 – 20th Avenue, Surrey


    Related meeting:

      Crescent Beach B&W Competition - Image Selection on Mar 17, 2020


    NWPC Members upload up the three (3) digital images using our Drop Box link by 11 pm Saturday March 14th and bring up to three (3) printed photographs, matted, as describe below to the Tueday March 17th meeting.  At that meeting, prints will be displayed and members will  complete a voting card.  Six (6) images from six (6) different photographers will be submitted to represent the NW Photography Club.

    • The subject matter is open theme, however, you may not submit a photography that has won a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place award in any previous photography competition. 
    • Your photography must be true black and white, with tint or colour tones. When printing your images, specify black and white. 
    • If a photographer is a member of more than one club they may participate in only one club’s entry.
    • Photo graphs may be printed on any type of paper, and in any size or shape provided the photograph is at least 8 x 10" and no larger than 16 x 20".

    Matt Requirements:

    • With the exception of 16”x 20” edge to edge prints, all prints should be matted using only single,
      white or black window mats.
    • All prints must be mounted on a 16” x 20” mat board and firmed up with suitable backing.
    • Prints should be firmly attached to the back mounting in order to survive frequent handling.
    • Anything larger or smaller than 16” x 20” will not be accepted.
    • Prints must not be framed. Minimum print size is 8” X 10”, Maximum is 16” X 20”.
    • There should be no script on the front of the prints.
    • All entries must indicate on the top back right hand corner of the print:
      Photographers Name……………………………
      Club Name & Address..............................................
    • In order to allow the images to be viewed by the audience a jpg file of the print entry is to be uploaded. The size of the digital upload is 1400 x 1050 pixels.


  10. Theme
    New Theme OpensOpens Apr 1, 2020
    Details announced when theme opens
  11. Theme
    New Theme OpensOpens May 1, 2020
    Details announced when theme opens
  12. Theme
    New Theme OpensOpens Jun 1, 2020
    Details announced when theme opens
  13. Theme
    New Theme OpensOpens Jul 1, 2020
    Details announced when theme opens
  14. Theme
    New Theme OpensOpens Aug 1, 2020
    Details announced when theme opens

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