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  1. Theme
    Shadows (voting)Voting ends Aug 7, 2020

    “A shadow is a dark (real image) area where light from a light source is blocked by an opaque object.” - Wikipedia

    Photographic techniques to consider:  Lighting, B&W.

  2. Outing

    Date: Saturday, 8 August 2020.

    Time: 9:00 am

    An outdoor event – Metro Vancouver Regional Parks has added a route extension in the Lower Brunette River area, connecting the Central Valley Greenway trails to Sapperton Landing Park. This outing combines opportunities for different styles of photography from nature/wildlife, industrial works, historical development and riverfront activities. On the map, the dotted portion from Spruce Street to Sapperton Landing is now open.


    We are going to start at the north end of the route, about three blocks (0.5 km) east of the Braid St. Skytrain Station, near the corner of Braid Street and Canfor Avenue. There is a “Flying-J” truck gas station at that corner. Parking locations can be found along the curb of Canfor Avenue, just past the first little bridge.

    Note: When walking from the Braid St. Skytrain Station, please take care when crossing the busy Braid St. - Brunette Ave. intersection and the railway tracks.

    1. Proceed southwest along Canfor Ave. for 0.15 km. Remnants of early railway sidings and an overgrown railway bridge can be seen down the Brunette River in this first location, part of what was once Canadian Forest Products land. A small, straight-sided shipping and flood control canal is located further southwest 0.30 km along Canfor Avenue. (0.45 km mark)
    2. Proceed to Capilano Way 0.20 km and turn left (southeast) on Capilano Way for 0.26 km, then right (southwest) on Edworthy Way for 0.29 km. There are many interesting site lines for photographing light industrial properties from the roadside. (1.20 km mark)
    3. Turn right (southwest) on Spruce St. for half a block, 70 m, until you come to the shore of the Brunette River. Here is where the new walkway path begins, paralleling the river. It is opposite the new sewage and storm water Sapperton Pump Station. (1.27 km mark)
    4. Proceed downriver for 0.44 km to the extension of Cumberland St., where there is a bridge over the Brunette River and the start of the Sapperton Landing Park. From this bridge, you can photograph the joining of the two rivers, with their distinctive water colour differences, a frequent location for herons fishing. (1.71 km mark)
    5. Sapperton Landing Park is a linear greenbelt park between the Skytrain Line and the Fraser River. A small pier has been reconstructed, 0.12 km from the park entrance, at the site where the Sapperton Fishermens Wharfs use to be located. From here you can photograph back up the Brunette River, or out into the open Fraser River. (1.83 km mark)
    6. A further 0.16 km along, Sapperton Landing got its name for the landing docks and facilities once a part of the British Columbia Penitentiary, a federal maximum security facility, which served for 102 years from 1878 to 1980. Most of the BC Pen buildings are now gone, but the red processing hut (Wharf Warehouse built in 1930) is still on the site. Prisoners and supplies were brought in by boat to this staging area. NOTE: A public access toilet facility is located here. (1.99 km mark)
    7. Sixty metres further downriver from the Wharf Warehouse is a covered pavilion, where the group can meet, respecting physical distancing, to discuss the Photography Outing and compare notes. (2.05 km mark)
    8. Those who wish to carry on to the southwest end of Sapperton Landing Park can continue for another 0.60 km to the Fraser River Towing tugboat facility. Also in this portion is an estuary wet-bank channel, which at low-tide is dry, but at high-tide is flooded, providing a distinct shoreline ecosystem. (2.65 km mark)


    Excellent viewpoints for photographing the boat traffic, as well as the three major bridges downriver (1904 New Westminster Rail bridge; 1937 Pattullo car bridge; 1989 Skytrain bridge) can be had from multiple locations.


    Photographing with the different light in the opposite direction can also be quite interesting. Return to vehicles round trip from pavilion is 4.1 km, or from the end of Sapperton Landing Park is 5.3 km.  Enjoy.



  3. Theme
    TransportationSubmissions due Aug 31, 2020

    Planes, Trains and  Automobiles (or bus, bicycle, motorcycle, boat, scooter, sailboat, cruise ship, skateboard, rollerblades, feet, etc.).

    Photographic techniques to consider:  Whatever it takes!

  4. Meeting

    We are excited to announce the start of the 2020/21 season! The first meeting will be conducted virtually, via Zoom. Face to face meetings are not yet possible at our venue, and we see that as an opportunity to try something new.

    Our first meeting will introduce the new Board, provide an opportunity for members to share what they have been creating over the last 7 months, and a sneak peak into the programs, themes, outings and competitions planned for the first half of the season.

    Zoom log in details to be shared closer to the meeting.


    • 2020-09-15 Meeting Agenda

      Introduction of the Board

      Member sharing - Creativity During Lock Down

      Did you try any new techniques?

      What is your favorite image you made over the last 7 months, and why?

      Overview of upcoming programs, themes, outings, and competitions

    In Preparation:

    • For: 2020-09-15 Meeting Agenda

      Please consider sharing an image that you have taken over the last 7 months. We are interested in hearing about how you kept your creativity alive through the pandemic, and any new techniques you may have learned or experimented with,.  We will set up a dropbox for your images closer to the meeting date. 

    Meeting Location:

    Sep 15, 2020 at 7:30 PM
    Zoom Meeting - TBA

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