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    Recent Work #2Completed Nov 21, 2020

    Open - no specific topic.  Any image you may have taken within the last two months.

    11 members made a total of 113 comments on 31 submissions.

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  2. Meeting

    More than ever now – Stories Matter.




    • Welcome and Announcements - Nancy

    • Storytelling and the World Around Us - Guest Presentation
      (Spencer Wynn)

      Whether you are a seasoned observer of life or looking forward to a life-long journey, there is one thing that binds us all – connecting with our immediate environment and those with whom we come in contact. Stories are everywhere, they are sometimes small and quiet, sometimes large and significant.

      Spencer Wynn has spent over 30 years creating stories and curating those of others through an editorial career in magazines and newspapers as well as extensive travel from Greenland to China and into the Mesopotamian lands of south east Turkey.

      Storytelling is a skill that can be learned at any age and anywhere. Through his online presentation to the Westminster Camera Club, Spencer will share storytelling images, speak about how develop a visual storytelling language and how to present a story that can amuse, influence and move us.

      More than ever now – Stories Matter.

      About Spencer Wynn

      An internationally recognized visual journalist, Spencer Wynn is know for his sensitive eye to cultural, travel and landscape imagery as well as his deeply intimate human interest visual narratives.

      Wynn is restless observer of the world around him, seeing stories everywhere. It is this curiosity and observation that makes him a sought-after photographer, speaker and educator. Each week, Wynn encourages his college students to open their eyes and hearts to experience the world around them while creating compelling documentaries with sensitivity and passion.

      From the High Arctic, Tibet, China, Greenland, India, Europe and numerous road trips around North America. Wynn has lived in caves, slums, on ice flows and in First Nations communities photographing the stories of diverse cultures, tragedy, triumph and love.

      Spencer loves to share his knowledge and skills as a photographer with those attending his lectures, workshops and photo walks. Patient and understanding, he encourages those with whom he meets to strive for their personal visual potential, all the while having fun and enjoying the process.


    Meeting Location:

    Dec 1, 2020 at 7:30 PM
    Zoom Meeting - TBA
  3. Theme
    Close-up (voting)Voting ends Dec 7, 2020

    “The devil’s in the detail”.  There is a whole world of detail in everything around us if you look close enough.  Try zooming in, using extension tubes or a macro lens if you have one.

  4. Outing


    Note: Pending possible changes by the BC Public Health Officer to the COVID-19 restrictions, a photography Outing is planned for December 12th 2020. This Outing may be rescheduled if the public “Gatherings and Events” restrictions are extended.

    The Outing will once again be an excursion with options, an outdoor and an indoor component. Those who wish to enter the Museum of Vancouver will have an opportunity to see the new exhibits and ongoing displays. Those choosing just the outdoor experience will have a chance to photograph large public art, architecture and seaside scenes, including a recent shipwreck.

    The Museum of Vancouver (MOV) located in Vanier Park, just southwest of the Burrard Street Bridge, is in a beautiful setting. MOV is now open with new safety measures and timed-entry tickets. The following are a small selection of the displays.

     “A Seat at the Table – Chinese Immigration and British Columbia.” This exhibition explores historical and contemporary stories of Chinese Canadians in BC and their struggles for belonging. It looks to food and restaurant culture as an entry point to feature stories that reveal the great diversity of immigrant experience and of the communities immigrants develop.

    “Neon Vancouver – Ugly Vancouver” - In the 1950s Vancouver had approximately 19,000 neon signs – more than Las Vegas! While some thought that thousands of signs signaled excitement and big city living, others thought they were a tawdry display that disfigured the city’s natural beauty.

    A short 250 metres west of the MOV is the Maritime Museum, the yellow submarine, plus a marina with historic vessels. West 100 metres along the Hadden Park Dog Beach, you can see the shipwreck of an unknown sailing ketch, which lost its anchorage during a recent windstorm.  A further 200 metres southwest is the main Kitsilano Beach.



    The gathering point will be near the large crab sculpture in front of the Museum of Vancouver.

    Those wishing to enter the MOV will need face masks and must pre-register for a ticket time. The museum is only open from Thursday to Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm. Admission is $10/adult. (Group bookings are currently not available.)


    Parking: The MOV parking lot is run by EasyPark, please remember to pay for parking before entering the building. There is also street parking available, with a two hour restriction.

    Transit: There are several bus routes which pass by this area. For planning purposes, the address is 1100 Chestnut Street.

    Public washrooms are available in Vanier Park Burrard Civic Marina, Kits Point 1905 Ogden Ave at Cypress St., and Kitsilano Beach Park showboat concession 1499 Arbutus St at Cornwall Ave.

    Nearest Starbucks, for the coffee and tea drinkers, is 1895 Cornwall Ave at Cypress St.


  5. Theme
    Recent Work #3Submissions due Dec 14, 2020

    Open - no specific topic.  Any image you may have taken within the last two months.

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    New Theme OpensOpens Dec 15, 2020
    Details announced when theme opens
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    Guilty PleasuresSubmissions due Dec 31, 2020

    We all have our own Guilty Pleasures which we indulge from time to time.

    They come in many shapes and sizes such as a piece of chocolate (or two), a cold beer or even a burger.

    This challenge is all about sharing those Guilty Pleasures that give you a pick-me-up in those crucial moments.

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    New Theme OpensOpens Jan 1, 2021
    Details announced when theme opens
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    New Theme OpensOpens Jan 15, 2021
    Details announced when theme opens
  10. Competition

    Competition date: Mar 6, 2021


    For the past 36 years the North Shore Photographic Society has been hosting the North Shore Photographic Challenge, an event attended by approximately 300 photographers, families and friends. Thirty photography clubs from British Columbia and the Yukon Territory regularly participate in this competition.

    2021 Challenge format

    Because COVID is still with us, we are planning an ON-LINE event this year! This will allow Challenge participants from across BC and the Yukon, as well as their fellow club members, family, and friends, to see the show, interact with sponsors demonstrating the latest gear, sign up for courses or CAPA, win door prizes, and vote in the People’s Choice competition (digital projections this year instead of prints).

    In addition, for the first time ever, we are including a Keynote Speech in an afternoon session prior to the show. We are proud to announce Chris Harris as this year’s Keynote Speaker, on the topic of:

    Artistic Expression: Your Photography as Art

    The competition is for digital images, open theme, but may not include an image that has been submitted to a previous North Shore Photographic Challenge.  NWPC Members may submit up to 3  images for consideration to be part of the NWPC CLUB Entry (please Instructions below); and may also submit up to three images direct to the North Shore Photographic Society as an INDIVIDUAL Entry.

    Individual Submissions  

    Images submitted by individuals must be received by February 12th, 2021. Each individual photographer may submit up to 3 images. 

    To enter, individual entrants will upload an image to the NSPS website at http://www.nsps.ca/challenge/ (entries open on December 6, 2020) and pay a non-refundable $15 entry fee through PayPal. Individuals may also purchase a cost-saving bundle that includes the entry fee and admission to the Challenge for only $20.

    Note: there is no guarantee that an individual’s image will be included as a finalist in the Challenge competition. 

    Image rules

    All images must be the original work of the entrant.

    Any image entered in the North Shore Photographic Challenge in previous years is disqualified.

    Individual entrants are not required to be CAPA members. 

    A photographer whose work is included in a club entry may also enter a different image as an individual


    Tickets to the show, including the special Keynote Address, cost just $10.00 (another advantage of taking it on-line). 

    Tickets may be purchased on-line through the NSPS web site ( https://nsps.ca/  ), starting Dec 1. Note that pre-registration is required.  No one will be admitted to the show without a ticket.


    Digital file submissions only will be accepted for the North Shore Photographic Challenge 2021. Please read the following specifications.:

    File Naming: First Second Name-Name of Image (Frist and Second Name, then a "-" and then Name of the image

    Up to 3 entries for club consideration are to be uploaded to the dropbox North Shore Photographic Society 2021 Challenge by January 23, 2021.

    Digital image files from scanned slides, scanned colour negatives, scanned black and white negatives or directly from digital cameras will be accepted. All images must be consistent in working space (colour gamut), pixel size, file name, and format. Images must be in JPEG or JPG format.

     Image size

     The size of image that can be projected is a maximum width of 1400 by a maximum height of 1050pixels (native SXGA+).

    To ensure that your digital images meet requirements, please follow these directions:

    • Set your working space to the sRGB (This is the colour gamut that is specific to viewing on monitors and for projection to screen). Images NOT in the sRGB colour space will need to be resubmitted.
    • Be sure your monitor is calibrated. We will not make colour corrections or other adjustments to the submitted digital files.
    • For your digital image, set the size of your edited image as the last step. If using Photoshop, go to Image>image size > resize. Ensure that both the constrain proportions and resample boxes are checked.
    • a) For a horizontal image, set pixels dimensions to a maximum width of 1400. Do not adjust the height as it will adjust automatically.
    • b) For a vertical or square image, set pixels dimensions to a maximum height of 1050. Do not adjust the width as it will adjust automatically.
    • c) Click OK (Do not be concerned about document size, resolution, or file size. Leave thisinformation as is.)


    • Now you can sharpen your image suitably for digital projection. Do not over-sharpen.


    • Finally, save the file as a high resolution (12) JPEG (.jpg) file. Do not save as jpg files during editing as image quality will be lost. Save as a jpg file once and only after all changes have been made.


    • Do not put any copyright information or any text on the image
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    New Theme OpensOpens Feb 1, 2021
    Details announced when theme opens
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    New Theme OpensOpens Feb 15, 2021
    Details announced when theme opens
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    New Theme OpensOpens Mar 1, 2021
    Details announced when theme opens
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    New Theme OpensOpens Mar 15, 2021
    Details announced when theme opens
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    New Theme OpensOpens Apr 1, 2021
    Details announced when theme opens
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    New Theme OpensOpens Apr 15, 2021
    Details announced when theme opens
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    New Theme OpensOpens May 1, 2021
    Details announced when theme opens
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    New Theme OpensOpens May 15, 2021
    Details announced when theme opens
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    New Theme OpensOpens Jun 1, 2021
    Details announced when theme opens
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    New Theme OpensOpens Jun 15, 2021
    Details announced when theme opens
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    New Theme OpensOpens Jul 1, 2021
    Details announced when theme opens
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    New Theme OpensOpens Jul 15, 2021
    Details announced when theme opens
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    New Theme OpensOpens Aug 1, 2021
    Details announced when theme opens

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