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Here we will collect presentation notes from the various speakers we have over the year for members and guests who might want to review what was presented, or see the sorts of things that are presented during the club meetings.

If the presenter doesn't have soft notes or Powerpoint decks, then perhaps an eager member will provide a summary for the benefit of others.

Note: some materials we save just for our members. Afterall, we need some reasons for getting you to join our club! If you're seeing this paragraph, you are not logged in and so may not be seeing all the resources available.

This was a series of short presentations aimed at the "less confident" photographer. Someone who has just gotten their first camera, or perhaps has been shooting a few years but was timid about moving off the fully automatic mode (the "green square" on many Canon models).

The series covered both mechanical and compositional topics and hopes that through education in the so-called "basics", a novice photographer will gain confidence and start to try new ideas and techniques.

Where it makes sense, some "study guides" accompany the presentations and also a fun little idea: "Pocket Mods". A cheat sheet of sorts with key points from the presentation. Folded properly and one quick snip with scissors, the sheet becomes a nice little 8 page booklet that can be tucked in your camera bag.

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